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Goldfarms Plant Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Micronutrients are vitamins to the plant body. To illustrate further the chilliness of chilli, Red colour of the apple, tasty stuff in the paddy will happen only if proper plant vitamins are supplied at the right time. Micronutrients will increase the metabolic function of the plant, increase the strength of the stem and other parts and accelerate the growth . All these will result in increase in the yield and reap profits for the farmer. This improves economy of the farming community and thereby country’s economy as a whole.

Indian economy is one of the fast growing economies in the world. The advantage of Indian economy over others is it has got a large and growing population. Economic growth coupled with growth in population demands qualitative and quantitative improvement in food production. This is a great challenge to the Indian agriculture sector. The above conditions also provide vast potential to industries catering to agriculture sector.

Our future plans at glance

We are in the process of establishing pesticides and bio fertilizer plants to increase the range of products and to give a boost to our turnover.

Whats new?

We at GREENGOLD are committed to the farming community for giving quality micro nutrients and farm inputs like bio fertilizers, pesticides and agro equipments.

Our Achievement

Our products are well accepted by the progressive farmers and our increasing turnover is the testimony to the quality of our products and acceptance in the market. Today our turnover has increased ten folds over first year's turnover due to quality and service.